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Eliran Oved

I offer coaching programs for employees and leaders of any level, from junior managers to managing partners.
I've Worked with topmanagers from:
VW client
KFC client
Adidas client
Schell client
Ebay client
Disney clients
VISA client
Nescafe client

What I discuss:



Focusing on enhancing leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and decision-making abilities for better team management and organizational growth.



Assisting in developing a clear, strategic vision for the business, including setting achievable goals and creating actionable plans to achieve them.



Improving interpersonal communication within the team and with clients, emphasizing on conflict resolution, negotiation, and persuasive communication.



Teaching techniques to manage time effectively, prioritize tasks, and increase overall productivity while maintaining work-life balance.



Strategies for building strong, cohesive teams, improving team dynamics, and managing diverse groups for optimal performance.



Guidance on financial planning, budgeting, and identifying growth opportunities to ensure financial health and business expansion.



Enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, and developing effective marketing strategies to expand client base and market reach.



Focusing on personal growth, stress management, and resilience to adapt to change and challenges, crucial for long-term business success.

About Me

I'm Eliran Oved.
I Help People Build The Business Of Their Dreams.

I offer targeted coaching strategies to transform your vision into reality, focusing on maximizing your strengths and identifying growth opportunities. My personalized approach ensures that your business not only grows, but also aligns with your core values and long-term objectives.
Eliran Oved Israel

I am dedicated to empowering you with the tools and insights needed to elevate your business. Let's work together to unlock your potential, streamline your processes, and bring your entrepreneurial vision to life. Your success is my mission.


What Clients Are Saying

Josephine Auerbach
“ His insights and strategies were a game-changer, leading to significant growth and efficiency.”

Tamar Baruch

Dan Wolfenson
“Coaching was pivotal in refining our vision and goals. His guidance led to increased team productivity and a more cohesive work environment.”

David Goldstein

Isaac Maimon
"Thanks to Eliran, I've gained invaluable skills in leadership and decision-making. His personalized approach brought out the best in me and my business."

Raphael Kohen

Jim Hyman
"Eliran's expertise in market trends and business strategies helped us navigate through challenging times. His support was instrumental in our recent successes."

Eitan Azoulay

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