After getting crushed by Google's AlphaGo, humanity's top Go player will try to beat Chinese AI


Google’s AI program AlphaGo whipped the world’s top human Go player, Ke Jie, so resoundingly this spring that he said he wouldn’t ever play a machine again. 

Now, he’s coming back for more. 

Except this time, Jie won’t be facing any smart machine from Google’s AI research lab, DeepMind. Instead, Reuters reports he’ll take on AI opponents from China, Japan, and Taiwan. The match will take place in April 2018. 

One of Jie’s opponents will be an AI program from Tencent, a Chinese tech powerhouse that has been deeply invested in its own AI development. Jie will also square off against Japan’s DeepZenGo and Taiwan’s CGI. Read more…

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Source: Mashable AI Feed

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