Ford and Lyft team up to deploy self-driving cars


Ford Motors announced today it’s partnering with Lyft to put self-driving taxis on the road. 

There’s no cash changing hands in this specific deal, and the companies won’t work together on autonomous hardware. 

Instead, Ford will be putting its driverless cars on Lyft’s open autonomous platform, which gives auto companies access to Lyft’s logistical software and data from its network of rides. Development teams for both companies have already worked together to program their systems to communicate with each other.  

Ford’s autonomous test cars will also be added to the Lyft network, and will eventually be used to pick up passengers when the tech is deemed reliable enough for public use. The companies didn’t provide a target date for driverless Ford Lyft cars — but with the automaker aiming to roll out full-on self-driving production cars by 2021, the cab service would likely come well before that date.     Read more…

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Source: Mashable AI Feed

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